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Turkey Tiny Tots

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Turkey Tots -- Ground Turkey dehydrated It's prefect bite size for our small fur babies. Turkey Tots are also good for training and obedience training. Just like the tiny tots they are yummy and your fur baby will be asking for more.

Customer Reviews

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Allison dix
dane love

Our 2 Great Danes LOVE these . They are very picky and fur pawz products consistently deliver dane love

Russell S. de Herder
Great product!

Thank you to FurPawz for such products…. Charlie is always ready for chicken jerky or the turkey tiny tots!

The best treats on the market, period!

Ellen Hollenstein
Dog crack!

MY dog, and every other dog I know, is completely OBSESSED with these treats. They DEMAND them. I cannot keep enough around me. I have given them to friends dogs and they are all the same!

Scratch kelly
Only thing missing is the cranberries…

We’ve enjoyed the turkey treats since the beginning. The size makes em’ great for training but with Paddy and Bugs it just made our walks more fun as daddy reaches into his pocket along the way.

Amy McAlister

Amazing! My dogs love it and I love that they’re all natural! The chicken tiny tots are perfect for training! Will definitely be buying more!!