Cheese and Bacon cookie

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These cheddar and bacon flavored treats are the perfect snack to keep your dog begging for more. Cheddar and cheese bacon are made with wheat corn, and soy free. Dogs with sensitive stomachs can now enjoy these too. Ingredients barley flour, palm oil, honey, rolled oats, cheddar cheese, flax, coconut oil, natural bacon flavor.

Customer Reviews

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My pups approve!

I love that these are made in my homestate & are not made with fillers. Garbanzo bean powder, flaxseed, whole dried eggs, natural bacon flavor are some of the ingredients. Crunchy & heart-shaped. My babies approve.

Russell S. de Herder
Fur Pawz Cheese & Bacon Cookies!

Charlie is a 3 yr. old mix breed and she Loves the Cheese and Bacon Cookie.. She will rush over where the Fur Pawz treats are stored and wag her tail until I listen to her and give her a couple... Highly Recommend the Fur Pawz Products!

Scratch kelly
Omg! The neighborhood dogs approve!

Opened bag with 6 pups on the porch, 4 visiting. They went after these treats like kids on Christmas morning! I love the fact they ( small dogs, small mouths) have to chew on them to enjoy. So often they’ll just swallow things while in their haste. But they take their time to savor these little nuggets of joy. Highly recommend. Great job by team at MyFurPawz . They’re always fabulous to work with .