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Cowgirl Dog Dress

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The cowgirl is an adorable western themed dress, perfect for any occasion, around the house, at the park, or square dancing the night away.


You will not see any other dog wearing this one of a kind cowgirl denim.


Add some personality to your pup, & they will be the bark of the town with this fashion friendly dress!

 Matching Dog & Owner apparel


  • Lightweight & breathable fit with white frilled dress stitched to the bottom.
  • A Denim top with an adorable brown bow.
  • Denim & Voile materials keep your puppy cool during the day.

Matching Dog & Owner apparel

13 lb Cocka-Poodle model is wearing a size Medium fit perfect.

Sizes in dresses go up 18.5” in the chest, around the size of a beagle or Cocker Spaniel.

Please refer to the "Pups Only Size Chart" Here